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About Lacnor

Welcome to Lacnor, a part of NFPC and the UAE's leader in fruit juice and dairy. Since opening our doors in 1978, we’ve taken huge leaps forward, from being an active local company to being an international brand, and have established ourselves as a well-known regional brand that does business in over 30 overseas markets.

Our range of products now covers a wide variety of fruit juice, milk and flavoured milk that people everywhere know, love and recognize. We take pride in offering the very best from nature, then putting all that goodness into convenient packages of different sizes and varieties to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

A commitment to constant improvement, innovation and to establishing international standards of quality has, in turn, made all our products market leaders – something that we are truly proud of. Our philosophy that good health equals a better life is translated into each and every one of our healthy and delicious products. Which means that you no longer have to choose between health and taste – we give you the best of both.

Quality policy

Quality is the buzzword at Lacnor and we, as global standard bearers in quality manufacturing, have continuously built on a commitment to producing superior and safe products. This is a process that starts early on, with stringent raw material selection, and goes all the way to include careful attention to detail in our manufacturing practices. Lacnor is the first food production facility in the UAE to be recognised for this and has been awarded the international HACCP certificate of quality.

Every Lacnor product is the result of monitoring through the exacting quality systems detailed below:


This is the internationally recognized and accepted benchmark for food safety assurance, which, in combination with Product and Environment monitoring, meets the international standards outlined in the Codex Alimentarius Alinorm 97/13A and the food safety requirements as set by the Sharjah Municipality.